Post Office Jobs

USPS is the responsible for delivering mails from and to homes. There are reliable employees of the post office who are responsible for the mails. There are full time employees who enjoy the benefits such as retirement funds, compensation or health insurance. There are lots of perks of post office jobs that many of the employees rarely leave. So, what are the known post office jobs that you may apply?

  1. Mail Handlers. They operate the automated mail sorting machines and then manually sort the other mails like letters and packages that machines could not read. They are also responsible for bagging or putting into the tray the sorted mails and load to the USPS track. Often, they operate the heavy equipments of post office such as electric vehicles, forklifts and the hand trucks daily.
  2. Mail Carrier. This post office job is responsible for delivering the mails to all the homes that the post office serves. Every morning, the mail carrier will sort, box the mails and then load it for delivery. The mail carriers will have uniform, drive a vehicle containing the mails and deliver them to the designated route. They should never forget also to obtain a signature in the receipts when the customer received the package or letter. They may also collect Cash on Delivery packages.
  3. Postal Clerk. This post office job is responsible for delivering to PO boxes. You can observe that every post office has a counter. Postal clerks will sell stamps, weigh letters and packages and sell the required postage from you. They also answer your questions like how long your mail will be delivered to the destination. There are some post offices where clerks help in sorting out emails every morning, deliver them to the PO boxes and then prepare the outgoing mail for pickup.
  4. Postmaster. Every post office has its own post master which is responsible in looking over the operations of the workers.

You must be 18 or older to quality any position in post office jobs and legally residing in US. Most of the job may require you to take the 473 Postal Exam. Higher experience and education may get the executive positions.

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